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Eden Project Farms is a small diverse farm with main goal to provide everyone with best quality food products and maintaining ecological balance of the land. Although Eden Project Farms is not certified organic, it's purpose is to follow principles of natural, homemade, sustainable, small scale, more than organic way of farming. We only feed certified organic products to our animals and we are proud to lease land that has been certified organic for approximately 40 years. 

Our products include:

- eggs                   - fresh vegetables                         - currants

- honey                - culinary and medicinal herbs       - gooseberries

- chickens            - flower bouquets                          - blackberries

- lamb                 - strawberries                                - aronia berries

- pork                  - raspberries                                  - mushrooms

You are welcome to: stop by anytime, ask questions, experience where your food comes from.

At The Ranch we raise animals for honey, eggs and meat. We provide plenty of space for them to forage as well as offer quality organic grain and hay. Animals are rotated throughout the pastures to provide them new space with insects, grass, and plants to eat. On first rotation beef cows and lamb mow the pasture, laying hens along with meat chickens follow next, pecking thru leftover weeds and grass as well as insects. 

Additionally to livestock, we offer variety of vegetables, herbs and soft fruit to our customers. Heirloom, non GMO, certified organic seeds as well as old, historic cultivars are maintained on the farm strictly following permaculture growing principles. 

Laying hens - currently we have 350 Red Star hens. We move them around with portable shelter to new pasture plots where they can free range. Electric fence is used to protect hens from ground predators.

Honey - we raise Italian honeybees at the farm without using any chemicals. Honey is non-pasteurized and limited in quantity. 

Chickens - our meat chickens are raised similarly to laying hens. They travel around the pasture in portable shelters and are rotated on daily basis. Organic, no soy feed completes their diet.

Lamb / Sheepare 100% grassfed which makes their meat more tender, high in omega 3's, linoleic acid, antioxidants, even vitamins, minerals, calcium, and dietary fiber. We use managed grazing and "flerding" technique (cows and sheep together) which reduces and prevents parasites in all species by interrupting their parasite cycle.

Pork - our hogs are raised in small herds, first to make sure that we take the time to observe each individual and assess its needs for better quality product; secondly, to use pastures and wooded areas that other animals would not utilize. Hogs graze freely and have access to fresh air, sunshine, dirt and grass every day which accounts for approximately 80% of their feedstuff, organic no-soy hog feed completes their diet.

Fresh Vegetables - are grown using no dig method in semi-raised beds. We also incorporate


Soft Fruit

Flower bouquets -