Farm Product Availability Graph

We offer variety of different products but our main items are listed below:

- Farm Fresh Eggs - Our Red Star brown egg layers follow rotation after pastured cows and are fed organic, non-GMO feed that does not contain soy. Hens have daily access to fresh pasture, fresh air and sunshine. Our eggs are sold on first come first serve basis. Please refer to information in the Farm Stand menu on pricing and availability or you can always email or call us to order.

- Chickens - we raise Freedom Ranger chickens for meat which are fed with organic, no-soy feed and have access to pasture throughout the day. The hatchery that we use recommends this breed for non-factory, all natural, organic and free-ranged production. Please refer to order deadline and pick up days in the Farm Stand menu.

- Pastured Pork - we raise Berkshire Hogs in mix pasture/wooded areas of the farm. Foraging accounts for approximately 80% of their feed, remaining diet consists of organic, no-soy feed. 

- Fresh Vegetables

- Fresh Herbs

- Fruit

Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Fresh vegetables   
Fresh herbs    
Raw Honey     
Pastured Pork