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Hi, this is where you will put in short profiles about yourself and the people that work on the farm. This will help your customers become acquainted with you and the face behind the food.
Ania Guziak

Bio coming soon.

Anna Lipinska (Farmer)

Writing is an extremely difficult job - waiting for inspiration can take a long time. As an owner and staff member of Eden Project Farms, I thought really hard of what I can write to describe myself and to make people visiting this website remember me and like what I have to offer. It is impossible for anyone to taste what I grow and care for thru computer screen. I AM A FARMER not a writer but here is my background story.

With guidance of fellow farmer and my mentor Mr. Cliff McConville, I was able to put together a business plan, lease land and start operation on a beautiful diversified farm we call The Ranch in Barrington Hills. I have previous farming background from Poland where I spent 19 years of my life    helping my grandma on her homestead with harvest help, animal care and lots of manual labor. After coming to US, I got caught up in the american dream working in logistics industry and didn't really pay too much attention to food and farming until I read Book Club book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” as well as watched documentary “Food Inc.” which really opened my eyes on US food production as well as farming practices. That is when my love for organic farming really started to blossom and I decided to devote my time to educating myself as well as supporting local farmers. I am on a quest to create local food system that supports most of community needs to eat and live healthy lifestyle. The End.